hi, my name is Michelle

I am dollmaker, since 1998,
I make OOAK in polymer clay (fimo),

I don't make 2 similar dolls, (no mold)

By visiting the show of dolls "Polichinelle", in Paris, I discovered the world of the dolls of artist.
Some artists exposed their works, among the antic dolls .
Their creations, immediately subjugated me, and I wanted to try to make my own dolls.
After many trials, I was lucky to learn with the great french artist Anne Mitrani, it was a dream, a stay on another planet, so much its heart is large!

Thank you, Anne, of your patience, and for all that you taught us. Thank you , the 2 friends who learn with me, : my friends, Miriam, which makes very beautiful dolls since, and Lea, who, following the course, created a true baby!